The Web of Tigris And Euphrates

The web of Tigris and Euphrates is an international union, established by non-governmental organizations from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.

The main goal of this web is protecting the rivers, water and water sources as well as the culture created on the coasts of rivers. On the other hand the web aims to criticize the policies of the governments about the rivers and generally underlining the results of the dams and their effects on the society and culture. This web also tries to effects the policies of the governments about the dams and stop the massive dam projects can be dangerous for the culture and society.

The web and the members of the web are independent and each one has their own program. However, all the members may have relations and they sometimes may act together. They may organize conferences, seminars, panels, meetings and some other activities in coordination.

After the first step, this web will be open for all organizations approaches the dam politics of the governments in a critical way. There are no heavy conditions for participation of this web.

The members of the network are below:

From Iran:


Alpin Club of Iran


From Iraq:

Civil Development Organization (CDO)

Green Kurdistan Association (GKA)

Kurdish International Youth Organization

Nature Organization of Kurdistan (N.O.K)

Women’s Talent Development Organization (WDTO)

Organization for Human Rights and Democracy Activities   (Gayandn)

Nature Iraq (NI)

Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC)

Hiwa Foundation:

Hawar Organization

From Turkey:    

Hasankeyf’i Yaşatma Girişimi

Cilo Doğa Derneği

Pasur Doğal Çevreyi Koruma Platformu (PADÇEK)

Ekoloji Derneği

Dut Ağacı Kolektifi