The 7th Conference of Ekopotamya Network

2015conferenceA view from the conference which was held in Sulaimany, Iraqi Kurdistan.

The 7th conference of the Ekopotamya Network was held in Sulaimany, Iraqi Kurdistan on 25th March, 2015, by participating people from Turkey, Iran, and Iraq.

The conference was based on evaluating of the network’s activities and, some presentations about environment, and water issues. These presentations are below:

1. Water and Terrorism (by CDO)
2. Dust Storm in Mesopotamia (by Alpin Club of Iran)
3. The Role of Water in the War in Syria-Rojava (by Hasankeyf Initiative)
4. Water Crisis In Iraq; Threats and Solution (by Environments Friends Network)
5. Kani Bil and Daryan Dam (by Karezeh)

All presentations will be available on the website of Ekopotamya Network.
Ekopotamya Network members have conference twice per year, usually in Amed (Diyarbekir, Turkey) and in Sulaimany (KRG, Iraq)

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