The hydro-energy policy of the Turkish government in the Kurdish territory is leading  reaction and protests of Kurdish people. As it is known, the Ilisu Dam which is constructed on the Tigris River is a big problem and people from Kurdish territory in Turkey and Iraq, and also the marshland Arabs in Iraq are suffering because of this dam. Local people always show their reactions against to Iilisu Dam, and trying to stop the construction.

However, these reactions does not change the hydro-energy policy of Turkish government because beside the clamining the necessity of energy,  there are also some political reasons to build dams on the Tigris. Many people think that the dam policy of the Turkish government is arises from its desire to put control on the Kurdish territory in Iraq.

Recently, Turkish government has planned to build new three dams on the Tigris River. One of these dam will be very close to the city center of Diyarbekir, and the other two ones will be close to the Dicle (Pîran) district of Diyarbekir.

Yesterday, on 18th November, against to these new planned dams spesificly, and the dam policy of the Turkish government in general, a protest was held in Diyarbakir. Hundreds of people met and protested the government. The protesters claimed that  construction of dams, and destroction nature in the Kurdish territory is a kind of “cultural genocide” against to Kurdish people, and the goverment has to stop to build new dams on the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

The new planned three dams was also critisized at the conference of the Ekopotamya Network in Diyarbakir, and the participants of the conference from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria had declareted their  opposition aginst these new three dams, as the previous ones.

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