A decision to cancel HPP also in Dersim.

fft64_mf129900101/21/2013, Green Gazette

Bozkaya HPP project which is planned for Dersim’s Munzur Valley was canceled by the court. Ankara 8th Administrative Court has decided to cancel the project, Bozkaya Hydro Power Plant (HPP), that was planned at Munzur Valley.
The lawyer Özgür Ulaş Kaplan who held a press conference about Court’s decision, said that ‘ the people won an important victory against the dams because of court’s decision. He reminded that ‘There are a lot of dam projects have been prepared at Munzur and Pülümür Valley without the approval of the EIA.’ ”These dam projects must be also canceled. To remain in valleys’ natural state, we are committed to continue our struggle.” he said.
For the cancellation of the project ‘HPP’, 22 people filed a lawsuit through their lawyers.

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