HES Tension: 5 People in Custody

There were clashes at the site of Trabzon Çaykara HES. 3 workers were injured in the incident, five villagers were arrested. n the city of Trabzon Çaykara where the construction of hydroelectric stations (HES) goes on, the local people are against it. There were clashes between the farmers and workers in the HES construction site. 70 villagers were questioned about the incident, five people were arrested.
The demonstration was made at 19:00 clock in Köknar village in the HES construction. According to witnesses, the villagers wanted the workers to stop the construction of the HES. Between the people and the construction workers came to litigation. The three construction workers were injured, were taken by ambulance to the hospital. The military police have arrested according to the testimony of the 70 villagers five people, Ali D., D. İslam, Rafet Ş., Ş Nizamettin. G. Engin ve been brought for assault to the police station. A short time before it came between the villagers from Kavlatan and the HES workers to dispute. With painstaking help other people, the villagers and the worker were taken apart. After the incidents must the military police had to take extensive security measures that offer construction workers back to the HES construction

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