Alcohol protest at Sarhoş stream against HES

June 18 Monday

Cihan news agency

There was intereseting protest in muğla-göktepe village against hydroelectric power plants(HES).akdeniz yeşiller derneği,dev-lis and chp supported the protest but from the 2000 populated village there was less people to support.protesters entertained with music and swam in the stream.

Protesters responses countinues aganist HES that will be built on sarhoş stream.peasantry prosecuted HES april 10 2012, after HES information,peasantry met again near the stream and are drunk alcohol and women entered in the water with a banner.

One of the protesters lawyer kadriye beceren,said they prosecuted again HES and they gave all information to the court.göktepe village reeve tuncay demirtaş said that they will never give their own earth and they will have argue til the end.chief executive of akdeniz yeşiller assocation mustafa turgut told that “the people of göktepe asked us for help so we are here now.that was a good protest and it will go on.we will take this stream.there is no life without is water.we will not give our life to them.”

Translate:Serkan Arat

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