The decision to “confiscate” for HES Stopped

18/06/2012 2:00

Enis Tayman/Radikal Gazetesi

İSTANBUL-6. Council of state decided to stop the executive in the lawsuit of elazığ peri suyu pebmelik that desicion, the urgent expropriation of EPDK denied until the outcome of lawsuit.

The Council of state,wouldn’t give the aouthory of urgent expropriation to another instution.Firstly the aouthory of  “confiscate” has been in the expropriation law to be used during the war in 1939.council of ministers handed over this right to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority(EPDK) in 2004.EPDK used this right for petroleum,natural gas,mining and energy sectors.this way,before used the urban renewal of Mersin Özgürlük,Çilek and Çay districts and cyanide mining projects of İzmir-Efemçukuru and Uşak-Eşme.also this way used in hasankeyf,amasya-taşova and dersim HES dam projescts.

For the dam project of elazığ –karakoçan called pembelik barajı they resorted to the same treatment and they confiscated the possessions of Hasan Akyol by the urgent expropriation.6.council of state stopped excecutive for the aouthority given to another instution.akyol’s lawyer mehmet horuş said the executive decision includes also the council of ministers.

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