“Security Dams” in Turkey

Turkish government has created a new cathegory of dam and it is called “Securty Dams” by the government.

As it is known, there is a civil war between Turkish government and Kurdish militants since 1984, on the Kurdish region of Turkey, in other word, in southeast of Turkey. Until now, Turkish governments have implied many “method” to overcome Kurdish movement. Killing and arresting Kurdish people, burning and destroying Kurdish villages and forbidding many things related Kurdish people are some those methods. However, they could not succeed and the clashes are still sustaining.

The last method of Turkish government is building some dams on the valleys and floading valleys via these dams. After building these dams, Kurdish militants will not be able to pass through valleys and they will not be able to attact on Turkish soldiers, the government says. However, this argument is not convincing and people think that this is another method of removing Kurdish people from their villages, because it is impossible to stop Kurdish militants on this way. So, “security dams” are built only to remove villages and civil people, according to Kurdish community.

In Hakkari 4, in Şırnak 7 “security” dams’ constructions are sustaing by the government and it is planned to finish within 2 years.

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