European Water Network Meeting in Naples, Italy

Why do we need a movement or network among European water activistes?

This question was the main topic of a meeting in Naples, on 10-11th December, 2011. From different countries of Europe, many activists met and discussed about water policies of European governments, privatization and struggle against to water privatization. All participiants agreed that having a strong relationship is important to succeed in this struggle.

After the victory of water referandum in Italy and remunicipalization of water services in Berlin, having a network  among water activist groups in Europe is an important discussion. In Naples, on 10-11th December 2011, water activists met and discussed about the shape of unity that they need. Some activistes argued that having a strong relationship is possible with having a “movement”; other ones argued that having a “network” is sufficient to have such kind relationship; and some others argued the importance of the unity. As a common point, all activists agreed to be unified against to water privatizaton and they agreed to think about the shape and form of the unity till next march, namely, till 6th Alternative World Water Forum in Marseilles, France.Most probably, establishing “European Water Network” will be completed in Marseilles, on next Alternative World Water Forum.

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